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The Quest – 2019 Revised Proposal

A revised multi—unit residential proposal for The Quest, at 2326 Oak Bay Avenue, has been submitted to Oak Bay municipality for consideration. The proposal is for a 4 storey, 14 unit condominium building with 14 underground parking stalls (each equipped with electric car chargers).

In response to community and Council feedback, the revised proposal includes:

  • Retaining neighbour’s Garry Oak Tree
  • Adding 3 new Garry Oaks
  • Reduced Building Size (Density)
  • Reduced Building Height
  • Smaller Building Footprint
  • Reduced Total Square Footage
  • Eliminating Rooftop amenities (gardens, activity and exercise areas)
  • Eliminating entire Penthouse Unit

Proposed drawings are available on the website. Please feel free to contact Kim Colpman at Large and Co. with any comments or questions.

News items:

Quest is in line with Oak Bay vision, says developer

Orphaned lot sits between two four-storey buildings

With considerable efforts to protect an off site tree that’s outside the property line, Kim Colpman, director of property development for Large and Co., has set out to meet the many demands of concerned neighbours for the proposed 14-unit development at 2326 Oak Bay Ave….

Context Plan

2326 Oak Bay is a single family home orphaned between two, 4 storey buildings. It is the last ‘missing tooth’ in a long line of condominium and rental buildings along the Avenue. As such, Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan has designated this site to be multi-unit residential. The Quest proposal is in response to this designation.

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Landscape Plan

The Quest 2019 will retain the York House neighbours’ Garry Oak tree. Four underground parking stalls were removed and the east parkade wall was moved in to preserve sufficient root zone areas and make the tree viable for retention.

To support the tree’s health and mitigate further root loss, the root habitat will be raised to a higher productive state through irrigation and additional organic planting soils.

Additionally, 3 new Garry Oak trees will be planted in the southwest corner which will grow up and eventually replace the canopy of the larger Garry Oak as it ages out over time.

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Floor Plans

NOTE: Plans shown are not to noted scale